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Tue Jul 15 07:55:11 EDT 2008

david wrote:
 > [Community News]....The kernel team has backported the modifications to the
 > older stable kernel so that it can be installed on builds 656 and 703. This
 > allows our G1G1 users and deployment countries to install and test this
 > new driver.....
 > Seeking advice on how to install this modification!

quoting a message from last week, from dsaxena on this list:
 > See for 
 > information on how to install this update.
 > Please provide feedback on the mouse behaviour if you decide to 
 > install this.
 > Thanks,
 > ~Deepak

use "wget" to fetch the .rpm file.

install as instructed on that wiki page.  be sure and run the
"cp" command noted on the wiki page after installing the RPM. 
(ignore the benign (in this case) warnings when cp is run.)

 paul fox, pgf at

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