State of 8.2.0, July 12, 2008

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at
Sun Jul 13 04:22:50 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 6:11 AM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
> Dennis recently made us an 8.2 release build stream. For the time being, you're
> all doing a great job providing good fixes, so Dennis will automatically merge
> changes from joyride into the 8.2 stream as soon as he sees a positive report
> about the changes. Please leave us messages in Trac, then poke us if you need
> to attract our attention to your change. (In a couple of weeks, we'll start
> being more selective about which changes we include [at which time this
> communication will become more important.)

What do you mean with "positive report"? Do we need to notify Dennis
as soon as we verified the changes are working? If so, how?

> Joe really needs nice package-level changelogs in order to quickly figure out
> exactly which individual issues he's supposed to be testing in a given build.
> I'm sure he'll give us some hints soon about what he wants to see; in the
> meantime, please put some extra effort into writing informative changelog
> entries that will be useful for QA (and for me). (I'm looking at you, kernel
> team!)

For the Sugar packages what we can easily produce is a list of tickets
that has been fixed (we have a ticket for each change) and testcases
for these fixes. These can be generated automatically from the git log
so that we don't put too much overhead on the module maintainers.


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