Faster Launch of Activities

Chris Ball cjb at
Mon Jul 14 13:48:33 EDT 2008


   > Let's get it on the roadmap for 9.1, when we've got time to
   > actually make the fixes required and test them properly (unless
   > someone really believes that speeding up sugar is a 4 line patch).

I'd like to see an activity startup time comparison (just taken with a
stopwatch) between 650, joyride before the new sugar shell but after
rainbow prelaunch was added, and latest joyride.  We should do this
before we ship 8.2, and in future we should try to publish changes to
activity startup time alongside patches that touch activity launch.

I was planning on doing this measurement myself, but it's not getting to
the top of my stack.  Could I persuade someone else to volunteer? 


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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