Jumpy touch pad observation

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Fri Jul 11 14:05:25 EDT 2008

Hi James,

On 11 Jul 2008, at 00:59, James Cameron wrote:

> Have you another power supply you can try with?

No, not at the moment (but I have a request in for MP XO HW).

> What sort of power supply are you using?  Is it one of the B4 range  
> with
> white label, a model number P018WA120J and a single screw?  Or one of
> the XO branded ones with green label from Delta Electronics Inc.  Or
> something different?

It's a green label Delta Electronic Inc (S/N: 0705000814, REV: S2).

> Would you happen to have a ferrite toroid you could clamp on the end  
> of
> the DC cable?  Wrap the cable through the toroid as many times as you
> can, and this will help block RF interference from any radio sources
> nearby.  If this solves the symptom, then you may be in an environment
> that has a lot of radiofrequency energy.

I'll take a look, have some old junk electronic equipment kicking  
around and one might have a ferrite toroid I can dig out and use.

> (I've seen some strange things happen when I've used an amateur radio
> nearby, but the field strengths I've used are somewhat out of the
> ordinary).


> The guys working on the touchpad driver changes could also have a  
> lot to
> say ... but the B4 hardware isn't exactly an interesting thing since  
> it
> isn't what is being made.

Thanks for you suggestions!


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