Datastore/Journal + [IAEP] Coloring books on the XO?

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Mon Jul 14 05:08:57 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 8:57 AM, Brian Jordan <brian at> wrote:
> This is One More Thing that would be a lot simpler and extensible with
> a more flexible journal/datastore (meaning storing Pictures, Audio,
> Video, Data [csv files], etc in a way that can be shared between
> activities). It seems to my uninformed self that, presently, the
> activities are constraining the output. (Disclaimer: I haven't gotten
> that deep into journal/datastore programming yet). I copy Eben... a
> couple sentences on where thought on this is headed? (there's also a
> video I took of discussion this... I'll forward when I find it)

I'm not sure how the datastore design could be modified to make this
easier, but will be happy to hear about it. Right now, it's a matter
of how the activity author decides to store activity data in the
journal. On one side is Record, that creates one entry per media
object plus one entry that represents the activity state (so it can be
resumed later as a whole). The user can open individual images,
sounds, etc in activities that understand them and can also be drag
and dropped on already running activities.

On the other side is Write, that stores its data in ODF format, so
images are zipped along the rest of the data inside one only entry.
Any activity that wants to use those images directly from the journal
will need to know the format in which they are layed out inside the
zip file.

While this isn't the ideal situation for data sharing between
activities via the journal, media objects can also be shared via the
clipboard, but that requires that you have the required activity
installed and running.



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