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John Watlington wad at
Mon Jul 14 00:20:33 EDT 2008

On Jul 13, 2008, at 11:20 AM, Ian Daniher wrote:

> If you are willing to export the Graffle documents to eps, svg, or  
> to the format of any FOSS comparison software, I'll try and do some  
> tweaking, perhaps make a few categorical images, one showing power  
> rails, another showing connectors, and so on.

EPS versions of the drawings are on the Wiki.  Let me know how they  

The three year old version of Graffle that I have doesn't export as SVG.

The size of the SPI Flash was wrong in the Repair Motherboard image
(thanks to Carl-Daniel for fact-checking).   I intentionally didn't  
the SPI flash in the more general image, and the repair image was still
being worked on.


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