and motherboard question

Guylhem Aznar olpc at
Sun Jul 13 14:17:34 EDT 2008


Today I had a little problem with my OLPC B4.

Long story short - windows XP support announcement, although
controversial, was good news for my project acceptance (and more
importantly, financing)- which really did surprise me, but whatever.

So I wanted to resume my development efforts, and decided the first
step was to upgrade the firmware and image to current.

I was running q2c25, which had no security enabled, and which I feared
could cause problems (it did!)
So I dug into the source and found q2c27 was the first version with
security support - I therefore upgraded to q2c27, and tried
"disable-security" to avoid future problems.
It said "no wp tag", which was consistent since there wasn't security
before, but I thought it may need at least the ww tag for the current
firmware (q2dxx), or it may refuse to run.

I checked the source in
and decided to run "enable-security" followed by "disable-security".
Bad move- after enable-security, it did power off, which wasn't
apparent in the sourcecode I read. So I was unable to type
disable-security and follow up with the upgrade because 1) it was
refusing to boot the old image I was using and 2) after pressing the X
game key, the esc key was ignored during the countdown.

However, by pure luck I guess, I was able to issue a disable-security
command while trying to run to get the UUID and
apply for a dev key to fix the mess I made : after booting on a usb
key containing both files and pressing the X game key, I got a working
ok prompt.

I don't know if that is a bug or a feature, so I thought I should
report it to the list before reporting it as a bug.

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