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Ankur Verma ankur at laptop.org
Sat Jul 12 19:49:16 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I have been working on developing a text messaging application that would
enable communication between XO and cell phones (that does not have GPRS
capability, which is quite common in developing countries).

The application will run on school server and will listen for incoming phone
messages through a GSM modem/GSM AT compliant mobile phone, which  will then
forward the message to a specific XO which is assumed to be connected to
Jabber Server. (This is for the reception of messages from cell phone to XO
via server)
Also, an application that can be used for sending messages will be
accessible over the network and can be used by children to send text
messages to cell phones.

Development: Initially I thought of using Gnokii library, but later I
decided to write a python application that uses AT commands for
communicating with the modem down the serial line; this application being
shareable over the network similar to pySMS.
For reception: Get the list of all XOs connected to server using telepathy
API and compare against the one in message (format being: name:message), and
then send a XMPP message to it.

I will appreciate any development ideas and suggestions.


Ankur Verma
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