Release Process Update

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Fri Jul 11 18:17:45 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I collected recent feedback and updated the Release Process Home:

Finalization of this will take time. We should move ahead with 8.2.0 and 
learn from it and plan to use the new process for 8.2.1 and 9.1.0.

I addressed as many comments as possible. Where there is no obvious 
consensus I put forth my best guess or left it out (e.g. synch to Fedora 
dates not mentioned because we don't have agreement).

Special thanks to Sayamindu and Korakurider for making great progress on 
  the localization work flow and process now included in the milestones 
and at:

Send in your comments, questions and suggestions and speak up if you 
disagree with the way I addressed your previous input.

The most useful inputs are specific suggestions for new text. Please
post them here and/or add them to the talk page.

Major changes are summarized as follows:

- Updated the duration of support section. Now reads: "second release
following plus 2 months". Also includes how many releases we expect to
support at once and defines when the support window starts.

(Michael, Let me know if I addressed your comment about starting support 
only once the release is stable).

- Extended the meaning of support section with details and added text
from Kim and Scott.

- Added a note on Major release names to explain that its OK to refer to
release with a wild card in the third digit (hope that addresses Scott's

- Added a link to SW ECO process in Minor Release section to define 
criteria and process for Minor Releases.

- Added a definition of new features in the Major Release section
(adapted from Fedora process). I'm trying to drive a distinction between
features (only available in major releases) and bugs (done in every
major and minor release).

- Updated the release schedule and milestones. Changed names of 
Milestones to Steam, Water, Ice. Included the translation milestones in 
the Steam, Water, and Ice steps.

- Added code names in naming section (Thanks to Scott for the idea). 
8.2.0 is too far along but we can pick a code name for 9.1.0. Maybe the 
name of a famous educational theorist? Choose a name and we'll  see who 
gets the most votes.

I have not taken on the question of how we fold activities in to the 
process/release. I will try to address that better next week.

Comments, edits and concerns welcome.

BTW I'm open to a White Knight (maybe with a Red Hat :-) riding in to 
help do the final edit and drive a consensus.

Have a great weekend!


Greg S

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