Sugar Almanac Recent Updates - UI, Logging and More

Faisal Anwar fanwar at
Thu Jul 10 14:40:43 EDT 2008

Hello All,

Below are some updates that have been made to the sugar almanac. Please keep
feedback coming as well as any requests for areas that need more

   - 1 Class: Alert<>
      - 1.1 How do I create a simple alert
      - 1.2 How do I create an alert message with a button that allows a
      user response to the
   - 2 Class: ConfirmationAlert<>
      - 2.1 What is special about a confirmation alert and how do I use it
      in my activity?<>
   - 3 Class: TimeoutAlert<>
      - 3.1 What is special about a TimeoutAlert and how do I use it in my
   - 4 Class: NotifyAler<>
      - 4.1 What is special about a NotifyAlert and how do I use it in my

   - <>

   - sugar.logger <>
   - Notes on using Python Standard Logging in

   - 1 Helper Functions<>
      - 1.1 How are mime types represented in sugar and how do I get a list
      of the basic generic mime
      - 1.2 Given a specific file, how do I figure out what its mime type
      - 1.3 How do I access the description of a specific mime
      - 1.4 How do I get the primary extension that is standard for a given
      mime type?<>
   - 2 Class: ObjectType<>

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