fonts in Tk-inter problem

Robert Myers rmyers7 at
Tue Jul 8 19:36:35 EDT 2008

I'm trying to get IDLE running on my XO, so that I can show Python 
development directly on it.

IDLE needs Tk-inter to run. I've installed it, and IDLE runs. The font 
is very small. However I can't get tk to recognize fonts or size changes.

If I open Options/Configure IDLE.../'Fonts/Tabs', I only see 'fixed' for 
a font, and size changes aren't honored.

If I run in its demo mode the first line I get back contains 
"'family': 'fixed'" when it should say  "'family': 'times'". Also the 
size isn't honored in the dialog it opens.

If I do a fc-list, it reports that I have a lot of fonts on the XO.

Does anyone know where the ball is getting dropped, and what I can do 
about it?



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