(another) WebKit port of Browse

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 19:18:10 EDT 2008


give me some credit :-) I know that FF works well with client certs
and apache has no problem with it. I've been coding apache/ssl aware
apps since '98...

> What sort of patch are you looking for?

Well, there is quite a bit of thinking that needs to happen here, and
I am working on something else at the moment. So, these are quick

 - XS installs/deployments will be done in so many different scenarios
that we cannot address the promises needed the conventional PKI
infrastructure. We need a good strategy to sidestep the PKI
requirements of full blown SSL. A few weird schemes come to mind, all
nasty :-)

 - SSL overhead at the network layer is very significant. Network
bandwidth and latency on the local link are valuable resources.

 - SSL CPU overhead at the XS end is moderately significant.

And then there is the huge work to chop the Firefox interface into
something that fits our UI guidelines (and our screen) - I don't claim
to know about that part, but you can imagine that *that* part of the
problem is enough to make wise hackers declare that maintaining Browse
for the long term is Just Fine.


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