How to improve the state of the touchpad for August.

Michael Stone michael at
Tue Jul 8 16:39:31 EDT 2008


Touchpad bug summary, as of May:


 * There's no release contract material ready here yet -- people are
   optimistic that they will be able to improve the user experience of
   the touchpad but no one wants to be pinned down to say that they can
   'fix' the issue, particularly given that there are likely hardware
   bugs which cannot be fixed or fully avoided.

 * Deepak, Andres, and Richard are the current people responsible for
   generating changes that attempt to fix touchpad bugs.

 * I am very happy to include changes which fix touchpad bugs in
   existing release contracts like the "Kernel Refresh" contract.

 * I suggest that you triage some of the touchpad bugs described above
   (perhaps as blockers for the release?) if you want to give better
   visibility into their state. Alternately, we can update my email from
   may with new status on all the bugs.



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