Beta Test

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at
Mon Jul 7 22:36:40 EDT 2008

Greg Smith wrote:
>Now that we are making progress on your requests I want to ask for some 
>quid pro quo :-)

>Can your team allocate time to "beta" test 8.2.0?

We were intending to do this anyways but wasn't sure about when we would do
it. What timelines do you have in mind? I don't have time for testing it this month,
unless I can get Bernie and Pradosh to do a lot of the work. For all of July Sulochan and I are dedicated
to getting Nepal's E-Library up and running.

>Can you write up a test plan and include kids and teachers in the test?

Sure. It isn't really a test unless kids and teachers are involved :)

>Let me know if you are sure Nepal will deploy 8.2.0 regardless of the 
>status of your two items (launch activity from URL and remove activity). 
>I think the first one is not going to make 8.2 while the second has a 
>chance but its not certain yet.

As I wrote in a separate e-mail, we can't commit to deploying 8.2.0
until after testing it w/ the kids and teachers. If 8.2.0 will require significant
retraining for the teachers, we might not deploy it.

We also intend to deploy the new image together w/ a localized moodle on
the server. Delays in setting up a localized moodle would also delay rolling
out 8.2.0

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