Seamless Lessons & Security (commentary)

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Mon Jul 7 04:34:35 EDT 2008

Am 07.07.2008 um 06:41 schrieb Bryan Berry:

> seamful approach sounds workable to me
> This is a very productive discussion!
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> Subject: Seamless Lessons & Security (commentary)
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> * a _general_ "seamful" 'launch activities with operator-chosen
>  permissions' facility is highly desirable and should be pursued

Well, currently our "seam" is an abyss you have to jump over. But  
people are arguing there is no problem (see #6958 "I don't understand  
what the issue is. The system already supports this.")

Taking the learner out of context (say, clicking an URL) to a totally  
different, information-laden view (the Journal details page) where she  
has to remember to click in a specific spot (top right corner icon) is  
at best doing the Pavlovian training Bitfrost set out to not let  
happen. It can although completely wreck the train of thought.

But a seam does not have to be disruptive.

A better design for this might be to show one of our ubiquitous little  
black menu palette with the top entry being "open in <activity>". This  
palette would be shown by a trusted party (Sugar shell) at the  
position of the mouse pointer so requires explicit user interaction,  
but it would still feel in-context, it would not shift focus to a  
different screen location etc.

- Bert -

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