Joyride ROCKS!

Thomas Tuttle olpc at
Sun Jul 6 12:41:26 EDT 2008


I'm an OLPC fanatic, joyride addict, intermittent support-gangster, and
occasional bug-reporter.  I recently had the opportunity to compare
Update.1 and Joyride (I needed to reflash to a signed image to retrieve
my lost developer key), and I noticed some things:

1. The UI is looking very slick in Joyride.  It feels less toy-like, in
a good sense -- things are easier to find, and better-organized.
2. Certain normally grumpy aspects of the operating system work
remarkably better in Joyride.  Power management works, to the extent
where it "Does The Right Thing" nearly all the time, and I rarely worry
about recharging my XO every day.  Wireless, too, works better, and
NetworkManager is much more obedient than it used to be.
3. Joyride is actually more stable -- I don't see random hangs or
user-visible glitches as much.

I'd guess, from my own use, that Joyride has actually surpassed Update.1
in stability, even given Joyride's bleeding-edge nature.  That, combined
with all the improvements and new features, makes it even better!

I know you guys are trying to make the XO software great, so I thought
you might want to know that, from a (relative) outsider's perspective,
your work is looking amazing, and has shown tremendous improvement. 
Keep up the good work!


Thomas Tuttle

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