New joyride build 2097

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Jul 2 07:31:09 EDT 2008

> as far as mesa goes, the list has been very adament that the XO laptop
> cannot run any opengl stuff, and my understanding is mesa exists to
> implement a software version of opengl. either position is reasonable (no
> opengl+ no mesa or mesa with slow opengl support), but right now it's a
> contradiction (mesa installed and eating up resources, but instructions to
> not use it for anything)

"the XO laptop cannot run any opengl stuff" -- that's cast-in-stone 
language.  I'm currently using f7 builds rather than f9, but (just 
to show that it *will* run) I've installed a binary Linux 
application that was compiled to require opengl.  I did 'yum install 
freeglut' to keep that application happy.  (Not sure whether that 
particular application can actually *use* opengl -- it tells me that 
some application-specific-images are not present -- but the rest of 
that application works fine.)


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