Release 8.2.0 -- pls add critical features (Greg Smith)

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Fri Jul 4 12:53:10 EDT 2008

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 9:35 AM, Bryan Berry <bryan.berry at> wrote:
> Greg wrote:
>>Thanks for keeping us apprised of your needs!
> My pleasure.

>From what I can see v8.2.0 is at a late stage -  we are discussing
what it takes to ship the features we have in Joyride end-of-business

Having said that...

> We had two evaluators spend a week at both of our pilot schools and the
> consistent feedback they came back w/ was
> 1) The teachers want lesson plans integrated w/ the activities
> 2) The parents don't see the learning activities as anything more than
> games.

That's interesting feedback - though I have to say that perceptions
are easier to shape in the social space than in the software space.
Any effort on the sw side will always have to be supported/shaped in
the social side anyway :-)

> We need a way to seamlessly integrate supporting materials such as
> readings, lesson plans, together with activities. HTML is the way to do
> this and the browser is what we use to display html. URI's are what we
> use to link to different resources.

As Tomeu indicates, we can do some of that from within the XS, with
Moodle, by serving an "empty" or "skeleton" activity document.

The simplest way: create a barebones new moodle module that resembles
a simple version of the "resource" module. Instead of requiring that a
file is uploaded, it should know how to create and serve an skeleton
Journal Entry Bundle (as per ).

I am right now writing code for the restore part of ds-backup that
creates a JEB on the fly.

> We may end up hacking Browse esp. to allow this because of the immense
> demand.

Browse is already 'hacked' to auto-trigger JEBs :-)


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