Release 8.2.0 -- pls add critical features

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Thu Jul 3 16:22:04 EDT 2008

  I believe that 'xo-get' can uninstall activities.

I know that the terminal/console interface works great !

I haven't tested the latest GUI version, not sure what the current status.


On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 18:23, Bryan Berry <bryan.berry at> wrote:

> I know that Nepal is a small potato compared to Peru and Uruguay but
> there are two features that we really need. Furthermore, I think these
> features would immensely benefit the bigger deployments.
> 1. Need to be able to launch activities such as Scratch, EToys, Pippy,
> etc. by clicking on a hyperlink in browse. The activity wouldn't run in
> the browser. We need this functionality in order to effectively use
> Moodle in our schools.
> Here's the ticket I opened on the
> 2. Need to be able to remove activities via the GUI, including installed
> activities, to make room for new ones. We are working on Offline Moodle
> activity bundles for courses. Each course will be subdivided into weekly
> modules. these modules will quickly fill up the ssd. kids will need a
> way to remove activities themselves to make room for new ones.
> Our development team in Nepal is moving from developing just activities
> to developing entire courses that include activities, lesson plans for
> the teachers, and supplementary materials. This in response to feedback
> from the teachers at the pilots and department of education.
> Bryan Berry
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