Release 8.2.0 -- pls add critical features

Morgan Collett morgan.collett at
Thu Jul 3 13:39:29 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 19:30, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> Greg Smith wrote:
>> I'm also not aware of any feasible design proposal which might address
>> your request. You need a precedent or engineering level suggestion to
>> move this forward. Is this possible in Firefox at all?
>> I know that IE tries to open certain types of documents within the
>> browser. It ties in a set of editing capabilities without exiting the
>> browser, but its not the same as opening the document in the
>> application. I don't know the technology behind it (maybe Mime Types?).
>> If that is what you are looking for it will require a lot of work which
>> I believe needs to come from Firefox.
> This part is actually quite easy. We don't use firefox, but we use the
> same engine, embedded into a sugar app. It's easy for the parent
> application to intercept URL requests before the engine goes off and
> processes them, so it's easy to invent a URL scheme such as activity://pippy
> The hard part is dealing with Rainbow, because Browse runs under the
> constraints of rainbow which probably prevents us from making one
> activity directly launch another in any sane way.

What we have now is show_object_in_journal, which activities can use
to ask Rainbow to show a journal object. The activity creates a
journal object, and then calls that resulting in Journal displaying
that object. You can then resume / instantiate it.

This is how Chat opens URLs in Browse. I imagine that it could be used
to create a journal object corresponding to the activity type you want
to open. However, where a specific mime type can be opened with
multiple activities, you could choose to resume any one of them. So
this doesn't guarantee a specific activity will be launched.


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