[OLPC-Games] SVG icons of rocker and game pad keys?

Kent Dahl kentda at pvv.org
Thu Jul 3 12:10:53 EDT 2008

On ti., 2008-07-01 at 09:18 +0200, Kent Dahl wrote:
> Anyone know of existing SVG icons of the "rocker" and game pad keys?
> I searched the Wiki and some repositories, but found nothing like this.
> Only managed to find the various Sugar UI icons.

Basically looking for something like this:

But for the rocker and gamepad, and preferably in SVG...

> The reason I ask is because for arcade games playable in game pad mode,
> it can often make sense to add these icons to the screen (or atleast
> help-screen). Especially the game pad keys (VXO[]) can be a bit
> confusing, and an on-screen hint goes a long way towards informed
> self-discovery as opposed to button-mashing and after-the-fact
> inference.

Moving this over to the devel@ list as OLPC-Games ML is rather quiet,
and partly due to the current disturbing thread on MLs and meetings and
whatnot. :)

Kent Dahl <kentda at pvv.org>
Kent Dahl <kentda at pvv.org>

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