super user privileges for speech-dispatcher and location of configuration files for olpc

Hemant Goyal goyal.hemant at
Thu Jul 3 11:58:19 EDT 2008


We want to run the speech-dispatcher daemon service on the XO for providing
a speech synthesis environment in the laptop. For our purpose we want to
modify the configuration file of speech-dispatcher in
/etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf from sugar-control panel. sugar-control
panel requires the configuration file to be user writable (which is not the
case with the file in /etc/speech-dispatcher).

The idea that we are getting at the moment is to maintain a copy
of /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf somewhere in
/home/olpc/.folder/speechd.conf. and start the daemon service by pointing to
this directory instead of /etc/speech-dispatcher. This would allow us to
modify the configuration file from sugar-control panel.

For the above idea I will have to modify the speech-dispatcher package (for
olpc2, olpc3) to relocate the configuration file to the new user writable
directory and modify the init script for speech-dispatcher to look
for the configuration file in the new directory.

Can anybody suggest alternatives, or any caveats regarding the suggested

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