New joyride build 2097

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Jul 2 08:43:44 EDT 2008

Am 02.07.2008 um 13:31 schrieb Mikus Grinbergs:

>> as far as mesa goes, the list has been very adament that the XO  
>> laptop
>> cannot run any opengl stuff, and my understanding is mesa exists to
>> implement a software version of opengl. either position is  
>> reasonable (no
>> opengl+ no mesa or mesa with slow opengl support), but right now  
>> it's a
>> contradiction (mesa installed and eating up resources, but  
>> instructions to
>> not use it for anything)
> "the XO laptop cannot run any opengl stuff" -- that's cast-in-stone
> language.

Actually, we are saying there is no *hardware-accelerated* 3D.

- Bert -

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