New joyride build 2097

david at david at
Wed Jul 2 06:27:42 EDT 2008

On Tue, 1 Jul 2008, Build Announcer v2 wrote:

> -cdparanoia-libs alpha9.8-30
> +cdparanoia-libs 10.0-2.fc9
> -mesa-libGL 7.1-0.31.fc9
> +mesa-libGL 7.1-0.35.fc9
> -mesa-libGLU 7.1-0.31.fc9
> +mesa-libGLU 7.1-0.35.fc9

what is bringing in these as dependancies?

for machines that would only ever see a CD as an external device (and 
rarely in normal use even then) I don't think that cdparanoia should be 
eating up space

as far as mesa goes, the list has been very adament that the XO laptop 
cannot run any opengl stuff, and my understanding is mesa exists to 
implement a software version of opengl. either position is reasonable (no 
opengl+ no mesa or mesa with slow opengl support), but right now it's a 
contradiction (mesa installed and eating up resources, but instructions to 
not use it for anything)

David Lang

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