[PATCH] RFC: ReadActivity fullscreen, paging changes

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Sun Jan 27 04:02:17 EST 2008

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Klaus Weidner wrote:

> Hello,
> here's a patch to enhance the Read activity, unfortunately it needed
> modification of the evince lib also.
> By popular request, it adds a "fullscreen" button to the View tab.
> For the scroll/paging changes, my main motivation was that I think it's
> important to be able to scroll page by page, especially if using "zoom to fit"
> mode, instead of having to manually (and slowly) align the top of the
> page with the top of the screen with the arrow keys.

instead you are forcing people who are not useing 'zoom to fit' to scroll 
manually and slowly to read everything

as I stated in the other thread I think this is a bad idea.

one thing I have seen programs do (which I found slightly annoying, but 
tolorable) is to page a screen at a time but go to the top of the page 
when crossing a page boundry

besides, when using 'zoom to fit' moving a page at a time should be 
exactly the same thing as moving a screen at a time.

if you zoom to fit width and then page down through a document you should 
see everything in that document, not just the tops of the pages.

> - add "continuous pages" and "single pages" to the "zoom to width" menu
>  (this should probably be a toggle instead).

please explain more about how things would operate in these two different 

> I wanted to try fixing the nonrotated rocker switch in e-book mode also,
> but haven't found a good place to do that yet. Apparently the rotation
> happens directly via a shell call to xrandr from the Sugar keyboard
> manager, and I'm not sure which signal (if any) the activity could catch
> to be notified of the rotation.
> Also, I'm not sure if this should be done on a per-application basis, or
> if a lower level should always rotate the rocker switch to match the
> screen rotation automatically. That may mess up apps that expect the
> current behavior though - are there any? Should the game buttons stay
> static even when rotating?

I believe that there needs to be a better way for an application to define 
how these keys work for it (ideally including the rotate key)

David Lang

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