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Dan Krejsa dan.krejsa at
Wed Jan 23 12:09:51 EST 2008

Hi David,

It's possible that your altgr key is sticky, or that when you
type some other key (e.g. Q), altgr gets pressed also. 
I recommend running the boot diagnostics keyboard test.
(rocker switch left during boot; it's the last test).

A good number of the G1G1 laptop users (including me) are seeing
similar keyboard problems that don't always appear immediately,
and are sometimes intermittent.  See

for an extensive discussion with lots of anecdotal evidence.

- Dan

On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 02:32 -0800, david at wrote:
> I'm occasionally seeing an issue with the keyboard in recent builds (no 
> problem on 682, I've seen problems on everything since). This is a G1G1 
> laptop
> once in a while they keyboard returns strange characters. q returns a 
> stylalized w, c returns a character that looks like the alternate 
> character on the key, etc.
> in a possibly unrelated problem, I've also seen strange behavior from the 
> gamepad keys, when I press a key (up for example) then press another key 
> (down for example) the system acts one keystroke behind what I type. I've 
> only noticed this problem at the same time as the first problem, but I 
> won't guarentee that they are related.
> the trigger for the problem (and the clearing of the problem) may be 
> switching to power savings mode, but it is very unpredictable
> I happen to be useing the terminal extensively to run alpine, and so when 
> I can't compose, delete, or quit it stands out :-)
> for a while I thought this was related to loading the web activity, but I 
> just experianced a case of this problem after upgrading to build 687, and 
> the only thing I've run after the upgrade is a single terminal window.
> David Lang
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