Xo-get with GUI (pyGTK)

Chris Hager chris at linuxuser.at
Mon Jan 21 11:12:11 EST 2008

> * Versioning
> I create a new bundle version at each release but how should I release the new bundles. How will your script handle that.

As of currently, xo-get recognizes new gcompris activities with new 
urls. I could imagine some data-exchange as a way for better future 

For example, you could supply an xml feed with the infos about current 
GCompris activities; I can implement that in the repository in no time.

With the central repository, we can do all this implementations 
completely in the background, without any circumstances or annoyances 
for xo-get users (which in fact, will not even notice that).

Best regards from Vienna!

- Chris

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