Violent games on the OLPC Activities page

Chris Hager chris at
Fri Jan 18 06:17:40 EST 2008

Chris Hager wrote:
> Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
>> I don't see why breaking this up by tags (some of which can be things like "PG13") isn't a good enough solution. We all know kids will seek this stuff out no matter what, lets at least do it in a controlled way.
> The MPAA uses those ratings: (
> - G     (General Audience - all ages admitted)
> - PG    (Parental guidance suggested - might not be suitable for children))
> - PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned - might be inappropriate for < 13 years)
> - R     (Restricted - < 17 years requires parent or adult guardian)
> - NC-17 (No children under 17)
> Basically, we could introduce this ratings as tags on [[Activities]]. 
> Xo-get could list only 'G'-rated Activities by default, and users can 
> then 'enable' all other somewhere in the application (preferences, ...).

Or perhaps a bit lighther version:

- G  (General Audience) (without tag)
- M  (Mature material, not recommendet for people under ... years of age)

Is there a need for more than those two ratings right now?

For xo-get, it would be nice to make it into a tag like R:[Rating], for 
example R:M for M-rated Activities. And we might suppose, Activities 
without rating-tags are 'G'-rated.


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