Choosing a correct working-dir for upgrade-server

Michael Stone michael at
Fri Jan 18 18:49:02 EST 2008

When inetd runs upgrade-server/, it does so with in the working dir /.

Since the upgrade-server's python modules are not installed in PYTHONPATH, this
choice of working-dir interferes with the module loading that occurs when
re-running python inside fakeroot.

Hardcoding the correct choice of working-dir fixes the observed failure of the
upgrade-server's 'on-demand build download' feature; however, it's probably
worth fixing this for real by either:

 a) packaging upgrade-server so that it properly installs its modules in

 b) calculating an appropriate working dir at run time based on a command-line
    argument, environment variable, or based on the location of the python
    script being executed.

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