New joyride build 1546

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Fri Jan 18 07:52:13 EST 2008

Changes in build 1546 from build: 1544

Size delta: 0M

-olpc-utils 0.63-2.olpc2
+olpc-utils 0.65-1.olpc2

--- Changes for olpc-utils 0.65-1.olpc2 from 0.63-2.olpc2 ---
  + Use GPLv2+ license tag as nothing in this package is GPLv2-only.
  + Make preview cleaner robust in the case of a missing datastore
  + Do not bother running journal cleaner on fresh installations (saves time on first boot)
  + Add a silly TODO list
  + Bump revision to 0.65
  + Import olpc-netlog-0.3 and olpc-netstatus-0.3
  + Add 'clean-previews' and incorporate it into olpc-configure.
  + 'become_root' script merged upstream.
  + Update License field to GPLv2 in order to match the COPYING file.

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