Violent games on the OLPC Activities page

Walter Bender walter at
Fri Jan 18 07:46:23 EST 2008

It seems that there are three ideas that have so far emerged form this
discussion: tags, "favorites" lists, and need for a better back end
than the wiki currently supplies to support search, sort, etc.

As SJ pointed out very early on in the thread, there is a page in the
wiki ( that is dedicated
to the definition of criteria by which activities can be assessed.
Please help us expand/refine the list and perhaps cross reference the
list with existing tag systems.

It'd be great to generate some pages in the Activities page hierarchy
that include slices through the activity list that are appropriate to
different contexts, e.g., my favorites, etc.

Finally, any suggestions about how to extent, augment, or replace
Media Wiki with tools to make these sorts of things easier for the
community to manage would be appreciated.


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