Violent games on the OLPC Activities page

Noah Kantrowitz kantrn at
Fri Jan 18 05:00:26 EST 2008

On Jan 18, 2008, at 4:58 AM, Antoine van Gelder wrote:
> With a result, that I can guarantee you that if ANY parent at my kid's
> school were to start arguing that the school should install Doom on  
> the
> media center's computers that I would oppose them in any way I can.

No one is coming even remotely close to saying that these kind of  
potentially offensive or harmful activities/content should be there by  
default, what is being said is we shouldn't pretend it doesn't exist.  
If someone wants it, it will be right there in the list, with a nice  
little description that makes no false projections as to what is  

It comes down to what OLPC's job in this is. Are we simply chronicling  
what content is out there, or are we actively pushing certain content  
and curtailing others. I think both have a place, and a wiki page with  
links to a small collection of high-quality educational content would  
be a great addition to the wiki. However a page called "Activities"  
should contain all activities, or needs to be renamed.


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