Violent games on the OLPC Activities page

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at
Thu Jan 17 23:18:34 EST 2008

Tom Hannen wrote:
> I disagree with the idea of censoring games based on violence.  I
> think that a warning at the top of any page should be sufficient.

While I agree with your your anti-censure POV, I think
the whole thread is moot as it's based on the assumption
of Doom II being a *violent* game.

People have clearly forgot what Doom II used to look like:

Spooky, maybe?  Bah.  Compared to modern 3D graphics,
it could just be described as pathetic by any non-geek

> Games are just another form of creativity...  Should we also remove
> any links to violence in books and artwork, within Wikibrowse for
> example?

I suggest we also take off my XaoS activity, because its name
could hint at anarchic ideas and corrupt the young minds of
our users :-)

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