VirtualPC support

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at
Thu Jan 10 09:36:17 EST 2008

Ooops, was the wrong address...

NoiseEHC wrote:
> I just tried on a VirtualPC 2007 emulator.
> Converted the image to .vhd and it booted.
> It is even better than Fedora7 and Fedora8 since both of them screw up 
> the text mode display when they show that fscking penguin and the XO 
> image does not. However it gets into the endless loop when starting X 
> (there is only soundblaster emulation in VirtualPC). Also the mouse 
> does not work.
> The serial port capture attached. Will we have VirtualPC support? (And 
> please do not tell me about QEMU, it sucks on windows...) Is it the 
> right image to try?
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