PATCH: add --loginpause to mingetty

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at
Wed Jan 9 19:20:41 EST 2008

Hello Florian,

the attached patches add an option to pause login until the user hits
a key.

We need something like it on OLPC because:

 - we don't want to set an empty password for either user root or olpc

 - at the same time, we want to allow users to login as root at the

 - finally, we do not wish to waste memory on shells the user hasn't
   yet used

The security model we are implementing is very different from UNIX: we
ultimately trust the user at the console, but we don't trust applications
and we don't want them to gain root privileges using su or sudo with no

I'm committing these changes to the OLPC-2 branch of mingetty in
Fedora CVS.  Please, let me know you'd like to merge them or
something similar.

 |___|   Bernardo Innocenti -
  \___\  One Laptop Per Child -
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