auto screen rotation

david at david at
Thu Jan 10 16:21:05 EST 2008

I just installed 679 and one new feature is that switching to tablet mode 
rotates the screen to one click from normal and lifting the screen rotates 
to normal.

these positions are absolute, no matter hat the user selects.

this means that when I switch to tablut mode and put the screen back in 
landscape mode I'm left with the mouse pointer in the middle of the 
screen, I lift thescreen enough to reach the mousepad and flick the mouse 
to the right edge, then lose the screen and it rotates on me (and when I 
totate it three more clicks to get it back the mouse is back in the middle 
of the text I am trying to read)

twwo thing here

1.why is it going to portrit mode? I can see some justaficaton for either 
landscape mode (depending on if you want the direction gamepad under your 
left or roght thumb and the extra space for the handle to the top or 
bottom) but I don't see any nice way to use both of the gamepad controls 
in portrit mode. (I do use portrit mode sometimes to make reading tall, 
narrow ccolumns easier, but it's hardly my default)

2. this is overriding what the user is explicitly setting, why, and how 
can a user change this default?

David Lang

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