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From: Sebastien Adgnot <sebastien.adgnot at dailymotion.com>
Date: Jan 8, 2008 4:27 PM
Subject: Dailymotion for XO laptop
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My name is Sebastien and I'm a web developer at Dailymotion, a major
European video sharing web site. I had the chance a couple of weeks ago
to discover the XO laptop and to play with it. I was impressed with what
the machine can do, and what the project represents.

Unfortunately, when I tried to see Dailymotion's website
http://www.dailymotion.com, the videos didn't work.

We would like to solve this problem. At first we want to make a version
of our web site compatible with the XO laptop. But we might be more
interested later in being involved in the OLPC project through, for
example, a dedicated activity, helping the community to share and spread
videos for different purposes (educational, creative, etc.).

However to achieve the first step, I wanted to know: what is the best
way for us to display the videos in the browser with no extra
configuration for the user? I read this page
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Video and this one too
but I want to be sure to be optimized with all the parameters of the
laptop (video performance, cpu, power management, etc.). We encode our
videos in flv, mp4, 3gp, etc.

Also, to test if the videos are displayed the right way, it would be
great if we could have a laptop. Is it still possible, in our case, to
get one through the G1G1 program, exceptionally? Ortherwise, what would
be another way? I tried the VMWare image of the OS but I'm not sure that
it's a good way to test the real performance when we watch a video on
the laptop.

Thank you for your help

Sebastien Adgnot

PS: here is my contact information:

  1. Sébastien Adgnot
  2. sebastien.adgnot at dailymotion.com
     <mailto:sebastien.adgnot at dailymotion.com>
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Shipping address
         * Dailymotion
         * 51 rue Ganneron
         * Paris
         * 75017
         * France
         * phone number: + 33 1 77 35 11 11
  5. maybe a French power adapter if possible but not mandatory. Qwerty
     keyboard is fine.
  6. 1 laptop
  7. We want to test and improve the quality of the videos for the
     laptop and its specifications
  8. We have within the company all the skills for the software
     development (python, web programming, video encoding)

Walter Bender
One Laptop per Child
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