Ship2 Unscheduled SW Release (USR) Request

Kim Quirk kim at
Thu Jan 3 17:42:16 EST 2008

To the Software-ECO list,

We are working on defining a new process to handle unscheduled releases due
to critical bug fixes that might be needed between scheduled releases. Here
is the wiki page with the process steps:

I am requesting the review of our first SW USR to go through this process,
so please review the information provided on the reference wiki page: (which is being used as the example
for this new process).

I have filled in everything I know already; and there has been work done by
development and test; although, officially, this email is requesting
approval as to whether we should commit the resources to do this USR.

Please read it and reply if you have comments -- on either the process or
the actual USR being requested.

BTW: ECO stands for 'engineering change order' and was the original name of
this process, but we're still discussing the name and thinking about USR,
'unscheduled software release', which is why this might be confusing.
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