shutting off wireless for air travel

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Thu Jan 3 16:14:05 EST 2008

This is all documented on the wiki.  See:


If you don't want the wireless to restart automatically after a reboot, 
renaming /lib/firmware/usb8388.bin works.

Ricardo Carrano wrote:
>> That is (or at least used to be) ineffective, as the module would just 
>> get reloaded automatically.  The workaround is (was?) to rename 
>> /lib/firmware/usb8388.bin
> I don't believe the module would be reloaded by any running process.
> Even restarting sugar does not (tested in joyride 1477). I think you would need a reboot.
> The reason I am not recommending sugar-control-panel, though I agree that it is an
> elegant solution, is that it does not seem to work (yet).
> Has anyone successfully used it?

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