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Walter Bender walter at laptop.org
Fri Feb 29 08:28:05 EST 2008

I'm a bit rusty, but you can use the Gimp to do this, using Scheme
scripts. I did have a bit of trouble with positioning on some RTL
scripts as the Gimp is using fairly antiquated text rendering
internally, but it is generally OK.


On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 6:08 AM, Alexander Todorov
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>  Hello everybody,
>  I've spent some time thinking about this ticket:
>  http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/3585
>  TurtleArt developer(s) have decided to use gif images that represent different
>  shapes with text inside. What we need is a helper script that will take the
>  translations from the PO file and apply them on no-text image to produce the
>  localized image.
>  <pseudo_code>
>  helper(base image, text from PO) = localized image
>  </pseudo_code>
>  The idea is simple but I still hit some issues. Any help or ideas will be
>  appreciated.
>  1) Most of the images have a single word or couple of words next to each other.
>  Some of them like if-then or if-then-else have text which is not on a single
>  line. e.g.
>  if
>   ----- then
>  if
>   ----- then
>   ----- else
>  I'm not sure how we can automate that easily without specifying coordinates
>  where the text should appear. A possible solution is to divide all these strings
>  into different layers and make the helper/PO aware of them.
>  2) There are some "block" images that show all available blocks for the chosen
>  category. I guess they fall in 1) if we talk about automating their localization.
>  3) The source files are Photoshop PSD ones. Is that an open format? I don't
>  really know but still haven't found a tool that can work with them properly
>  except GIMP. And isn't against OLPC vision to use commercial software to produce
>   an OLPC activity? I'm willing to implement the helper mentioned above but I'd
>  prefer some graphics format that I can manipulate easily in code. We can also
>  upload the base images to git.
>  4) What will happen with all the localized images? How they will be distributed.
>  We certainly don't want all other languages hanging around and occupying disk
>  space when they are not necessary. At present the English ones are 728KB.
>  Multiply that by 10/20 languages and we're talking about MBs here.
>  Thanks,
>  Alexander.
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