OLPC.tv and Gnash

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Fri Feb 29 20:55:21 EST 2008

The versions of gnash in Ship.* and in Update.1 can't play streaming
Ogg videos in a sub-window of a web page yet.  That support is in
current gnash CVS, and will be in next week's gnash-0.8.2 release,
which should be in XO Update.2.

However, the standard Browse in update.1 (and perhaps in Ship.1) can
play streaming ogg videos, taking up the full screen.  Try this URL on

  http://www.redhat.com/videos/   (click the Ogg links below the Flash boxes)

If the maintainer of http://olpc.tv wanted their videos to be viewable
on a standard, mass production OLPC, they'd have to transcode them
from proprietary codecs (like FLV, which YouTube uses) into the free
Ogg Theora video codec.  (Then again, olpc.tv's audience may be people
who DON'T have an olpc, rather than those who do!)

Today is the first I heard of SSS/OLPC.  From a brief search engine
look, it appears to be a single custom computer built out of a
prototype OLPC circuit board.  If it plays every Flash 9 movie
perfectly, then it's running the proprietary Adobe Flash Player, which
OLPC cannot reproduce, support, or ship.  I'm happy that the owner of
the SSS/OLPC can have fun tinkering with it, but there are hundreds of
thousands of people with ordinary OLPCs who we aim to support -- with
free software -- in the XO software releases and websites.

	John Gilmore

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