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Thu Feb 28 07:25:21 EST 2008

This is great news. Great decision to choose Martin.

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> I'm extremely pleased to announce that Martin Langhoff will be  
> joining OLPC,
> taking the position of School Server Architect, starting officially  
> around March 15th.
> Martin is currently one of the lead developers of Moodle --- a FOSS  
> Course
> Management System for online learning (, although  
> he has
> contributed to a number of other FOSS projects.   Most of his last 10  
> years of
> work is well indexed by Google.   Interesting keywords to try include  
> mod_perl,
> GIT, Midgard, Arch (or GNU Arch), Moodle, OSCOM, metadata, dublin core,
> performance, Eduforge, Elgg, e-Prints, Mahara, PostgreSQL, Debian,  
> TWIG, Ubuntu.
> He will continue to reside in New Zealand.   He's fluent in English  
> and Spanish,
> and can speak some Portuguese, Catalan, Italian and German.
> I will continue to work on the School Server, but will increasingly  
> focus on the
> hardware, as we renew our efforts to provide low power,  
> environmentally robust
> servers for rural schools.   It is also time to begin work on the  
> next generation of
> laptop hardware.
> John Watlington
> Hardware Architect

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