Preparing the XOs for next week's test

Giannis Galanis galanis at
Sat Feb 23 02:03:37 EST 2008

A couple of stuff for the next week's test.

1. We have about 45 XOs in the conference room, and we can make it up to 80
by collecting other XOs in the office. Do you think this is enough?

2. I will try to update all of them with the build we will agree to
initially test with. This would be 693/D13?
There is a new version of telepathy-salut in 1721, which apparently only
fixes smth related to stream tube flush(which i dont know what it is). I
dont believe it important to our test. Other than that Update.1 i think
should be ok.

3. I can also disable suspend/resume in all of them in case we decide we
dont wanna have it enabled. It will save alot of time by doing it on monday.

If there is anything you think might be useful to prepare in advance, let me
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