Alternative power/recharging source?

Jure Koren jure at
Sat Feb 23 07:54:45 EST 2008

On Friday 22 of February 2008 22:08:45 Richard A. Smith wrote:
> Ed Montgomery wrote:
> > hours...using gravity! :-) (Consider the XO using
> > about 2 watts...)
> Where did you see that the XO uses only 2 Watts?  Thats only when
> suspended.
> Suspended: 2W
> Running:   5-7W
> Charging the battery: 16W

This should be in the wiki. I just built me a charger using an old LED 
flashlight with a crank that can output between 2 and around 10 watts, 
depending on how ridiculous one looks when operating it (you just have to 
laugh at people cranking away at 10W).

While i've searched for power requirements on the wiki, all I've come across 
are the power requirements of charging the battery. While it's possible I 
haven't searched extensively enough, XO's power requirements deserve a bit 
more press, i think.


Jure Koren, unix developer
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