Staffing of an OLPC Booth at PyCon, volunteers needed

david at david at
Fri Feb 22 17:58:13 EST 2008

just a word of warning, at SCALE the OLPCs were the hit of the show. you 
may end up finding that you spend a lot more time talking about them than 
you ever imagined. (depending on what else you are trying to do this may 
or may not be a problem)

one thing that will be extremely useful is if a FAQ can be put togeather 
with the correct answers for everyone to provide when asked. everyone does 
their best to answer the questions correctly, but there's pleanty of room 
for mistakes.

simple start of FAQ list (just the questions for now)
system specs
does it have wireless
where are they being deployed
how can someone (or some orginization) get them
various questions about the G1G1 program (how many were purchased, why was the program stopped, will it re-open, what about overseas, why haven't all of them been delivered)
battery life
what new technology is in it
why is this better than the EEPC/classmate/surplus PC/etc
can you run other software on it
how can you develop for it without getting one
how do you open the $@#%@# thing (especially amusing when you hand them the open laptop, they close it and can't re-open it)
what are the two squares to the side of the touchpad
where is the crank (if OLPC can spare some sample chargers to display at the booth it would be wonderful)

things to demo
distance (if you can make it work reliably)
network view

decide if you are going to have the machines on a mesh with each other, or 
on an access point so they can connect to the Internet (I would say have 
them connect to the Internet unless there is some specific reason to not 
do so)

David Lang

  On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Mel Chua wrote:

> I'll be at PyCon after all (yay TOPP!). I'm not sure exactly when and where
> and what I'm doing yet, but if someone keeps me in the loop, I'll gladly
> help with OLPC stuff at PyCon as best as I'm able. I'm sure others will be
> drifting around as well.
> -Mel
> On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 2:19 AM, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at> wrote:
>> This makes three for the OLPC booth at PyCon.
>> Ed Cherlin
>> Mike Fletcher
>> Karen Smith
>> Others may put their hands up.

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