physically feeble adults

Jim Gettys jg at
Thu Feb 21 10:49:20 EST 2008

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 14:14 +1100, James Cameron wrote:
> I don't think the front panel buttons will be used normally, so I don't
> think this optimisation is necessary.
> Those with weaker fingers can use alternate means, such as clamping the
> whole thing in a woodworking vice, placing weights on the switches, or
> composing a USB key script to do what is wanted.
> Adding a half second delay to millions of kids doesn't seem justifiable.
> Half a second for each of them is like five minutes to me.

Half a second isn't an issue at boot time.  Even if we greatly improve
the boot time, we'll still be in the 5 second sort of range, I'd guess.
If Mikus were suggesting 5 seconds, I'd start getting antsy....
                                   - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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