telepathy - request for guidance

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at
Wed Feb 20 04:26:34 EST 2008

Le mercredi 20 février 2008 à 00:37 -0500, Mikus Grinbergs a écrit :
> | ** ERROR **: file lm-connection.c: line 364 
> (_lm_connection_succeeded): asserti
> | on failed: (source != NULL)
> | aborting...
> That to me implies I am now getting through my proxy.  The last two 
> (ERROR) lines occur only when I have specified 
> as my jabber server - they don't show in the log when I try a local 
> jabber server.

Could be a loudmouth bug. Could you provide telepathy-gabble log with
LM_DEBUG=net defined please?
See about how define this env

> p.s.  [Other modules besides have different 
> _get_account_info() methods -- I gather despite the common name, 
> each method's scope applies only within its containing module.]

Yeah only the one in manage the Gabble connection, so
don't touch the others


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