physically feeble adults

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Feb 20 18:21:29 EST 2008

I realize the intent of the OLPC project is to make "booting the 
system" as quick as possible.  There is one situation for which 
introducing a deliberate __delay__ might be beneficial:

It appears the XO is testing its front panel buttons as soon as it 
starts running.  If an individual used his strongest finger to push 
the (recessed) 'power on' button, there does not seem to be enough 
time for that individual to transfer that same finger to one of the 
other front panel buttons.  Those other buttons are small;  if the 
individual does not have enough dexterity in his other fingers, the 
"which buttons were pressed" indication as picked up by the XO may 
be different from what the individual wanted to convey.

Let me suggest the XO pause a half second following a 'power on', to 
allow a feeble user time to re-position his fingers (from the task 
of turning on the XO, to the task of indicating "what is special 
about this boot").


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