startup icon blinks and disappears

Kaitlin Anderson soccervixen at
Tue Feb 19 13:03:06 EST 2008

Hi all,

I'm a beginner at Python and have been trying to go through these two
tutorials that were posted on the wiki:

The first tutorial was great and got me familiarized with the entire
integration with QEMU.
I successfully got that little Hello World up and running but have had some
difficulty with the second one which was an introduction to Glade.

I was able to run my class code successfully in PythonWin so I know the base
source works, which points to something wrong in the wrapper.
The symptom is when I invoke the activity from the frame, the icon gets
added to the active activity ring and starts blinking. However, it tries to
start but after a few blinks it just disappears. I ran into this issue with
the first tutorial and discovered it was an accidental indentation I had
added. I could ctrl-alt-3 over to the console to see the errors when I ran
it from the developer's console. However, when I try running the tutorial 2
code, I get an error from _init_check within gtk saying it had a Runtime
Error Could not open display. Any suggestions?

Much thanks,
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