telepathy - request for guidance

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Feb 18 13:28:03 EST 2008

I'm an user with a G1G1, not a developer.  I don't know telepathy. 
At home there is no wireless;  wired connection is through a PROXY.

Looking at the jabber_server packets the XO writes to my home LAN, 
they are IP-addressed directly to the server, not to the proxy. 
[The XO eventually decides its jabber_connection is timing out.
It makes no difference which build (recent joyride) or rom (latest)
I use, nor which jabber_server I try to reach on the internet.]

I'm looking for guidance in how to specify to telepathy that its 
jabber_connection needs to go through my proxy.  Tried putting the 
proxy address&port in /usr/share/telepathy/managers/gabble.manager, 
but .sugar/default/logs/telepathy-gabble.log shows the not-changed 
values as the ones still being used by /usr/libexec/telepathy-gabble

Did not want to write up a ticket unless I can specifically identify 
something as broken.  I am not asking anyone else to work on my 
problem, but would like guidance on what it might take to "proxify" 
the jabber_server connection.

Thanks for any help,  mikus

p.s.  I am able to satisfactorily reach the internet (through my
       wired proxy) with programs on the XO such as Opera and rsync.

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