using the browser as an activity platform : pyxpcom / hulahop / Gears

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On Feb 16, 2008 6:21 PM, Samuel Klein <sj at> wrote:

> The core use here is being able to use the browser as activity
> platform -- letting web developers good at JS code and test on most
> any platform, and develop something that can be a first-class activity
> within Sugar.  One example is Dan's javascript spreadsheet, anothe ris
> a dynamic library (see for instance
>, another is an existing web
> service online that one might want to run locally.
> In addition to pyxpcom, let me add Google Gears as a useful piece of
> this platform, especially when offering local use of popular online
> tools.  Off the top of my head, MediaWiki, MindMeister, I copy Ben
> Lisbakken, a gears maintainer, who reports that there is a Gears patch
> to make it work without extension support...

Is there any way that one could get involved with the google-gears-on-the-xo
spec drafting/implementation process? This is something I might be
interested in contributing to, but I cannot find anything about it on the

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